Sunday, April 3, 2011

Why are we in an economic crisis?

To put it simply, we spent too much, we borrowed too much, we now are spending less because we have to pay our debts, and now we have an economic crisis. Until we pay back our debt, it will continue.

By expanding the money supply and increasing our debt is the wrong answer. It just will make matters worse. It is like giving a fat person ice cream and chocolate. It will satisfy their hunger, but they now need to lose more weight and had it harder to get into shape.

We need to realize that we need to make sacrifices to correct this financial crisis. We cannot expect the government to do things for us.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Our government, our Constitution, and us

Most people seem to see inflation of “2% or so” as a normal part of a “growing” economy. In fact, in a successfully growing economy there should be technological advances and economies of scale, which should reduce the cost of goods naturally…a natural “deflation.”

The idea that there should be a targeted “inflation” is preposterous. It simply reflects a continual theft from those who save in favor of those who borrow.

I am amazed that Americans believe that they cannot make decisions for themselves and that they believe that the government knows how we should live our lives and that the government needs to do something. Where has the rugged individualist gone?

Did Henry Ford go to the government to outlaw the horse and buggy? No, he simply built the automobile and the horse and buggy was replaced. Why not just vote in a better legislature and a better from of government for our state and be an example to the rest of the country?

Do you know why the Berlin Wall was built? It was built to keep-in the East Germans; not to keep-out the West Germans.

If the State of Nevada became a state where all the residents seemed to be happy, productive members? Everyone enjoyed the spiritual and material benefits of their efforts. Would you and many others want to live here?

Of course, not everyone would move here. Many would choose to live where the government supports and protects them, but the industrious and hard working people would what to live in Nevada. Unlike the Berlin Wall to keep-in the comrades, the “wall” around this community is simply a requirement that you have an absolute respect of the other person’s property. You agree that as long as they respect your decisions and property, you will respect theirs.

You don’t have to know why it is working; you only have to be willing to participate. If you don’t like it after trying it, you simply leave. No coercion.

This will work if implemented and people will accept this concept as the best type of government as outlined in the Constitution is given the choice. We have allowed the government to ignore our Constitution and take away our rights and liberty

Don’t continue with the old definition of insanity; repeating the same old actions but expecting a different result.

Vote for the best candidate regardless of party. Don’t continue to vote for the least of 2 evils. If you do that you are still voting for evil.