Monday, May 30, 2011

Wide Open Race

In the Review Journal today, my letter was published. It is about the 2nd Congressional District special election and mentions the IAP candidate Tim Fasano.

To read the letter, scroll down to the 2nd letter.

The letter refers to an article published May 26th in the Review Journal in whish reporter Laura Myers mentions the Democratic and Republican candidates, but doesn't mention any of the other candidates, including Independent American Tim Fasano.

I point out that the Independent American Party is the 3rd largest party in Nevada. Tim Fasano and the other indepedent candidates should have been mentioned to inform the voters about all the candidates and not just the Republican and Democratic candidates.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A disturbing violation of freedom

In May of this year, the Indiana Supreme Court ruled that
We hold that there is -no right- to reasonably resist unlawful entry by police officers.

To summarize the article about this case, the case deals with one Richard Barnes, a regular Joe citizen of Indiana, who was in the midst of marital problems with his wife one evening in 2007. The couple was arguing when police arrived to the scene and attempted to enter the home.

Barnes made it very clear to the officers that they were not to enter his home. The officers did not have a warrant, and they did not have probably cause to believe that anything illegal was happening. But they entered regardless.

Barnes tried to block the door, and as the police officers muscled their way past him, he shoved one of them against the wall in defense of his property. Barnes was choked and tasered in his own home, subsequently hospitalized, then charged with misdemeanor battery on a police officer.

The Court agreed that the police officers entered the Barnes home illegally. The Court further agreed that one’s right to resist illegal entry has existed since the Magna Carta. The Court further agreed that the US Supreme Court has reaffirmed this right to resist unlawful entry in numerous court cases.

Yet, in summarizing the court’s opinion, Justice Steven David writes,
We hold that there is -no right- to reasonably resist unlawful entry by police officers.

What happened to the 4th Amendment of the Constiution? It was completely disregarded. This has got to stop or we will lose all our freedoms.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Don't need money for schools letter

My letter to the Review Journal editors was published on 5/17.

It stated,
The Saturday article "Vote helps math-challenged" is the perfect example of why our educational system is failing. It has nothing to do with money. It has to do with demanding that our children learn the curriculum.

Why even have a proficiency exam? As students fail more parts of the exam, just allow them to pass if they fail two parts, then three parts, etc.

If Nevada would cut school administrative expenses instead of laying off teachers, and if Nevada would stop social promotion in all grades levels, we would see a vast improvement in the education of our children without spending more money.

Nevada should also enact illegal immigration laws similar to those in Oklahoma and Arizona to save money on the health care and education of illegals, which would also help balance the budget and reduce education cuts.

We don't need more money for education. We need more education for our money.