Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Do you have the courage to risk your vote?

The approval rating of the United States Congress is about 15%. Yet, almost 90% of the incumbents are reelected. This is insanity. Who is at fault? We the People must take the blame. We continue to vote for the lessor of two evils. We don't have the courage to revolt with our vote.

We must stop voting for the party candidate blindly. We must eliminate any candidate from consideration who has taken an oath to uphold the constitution and then votes for unconstitutional bills. This would include any bill which is questionably unconstitutional. We must also eliminate from consideration any candidate who broke his campaign promises

If your party's candidate, is eliminated because he voted for unconstitutional bills or broke his campaign promises, you must not vote for him. You must consider another candidate. If there are only two candidates and both are eliminated, you can not vote for either.

Here in Nevada, you can vote for “None of these candidates” so you can still vote. In other states, you may be able to vote for a write in candidate. However, if you only have two choices and both are eliminated, just do not vote in that race.

Image what would happen on election night television coverage if We the People had the courage to revolt with our vote. The commentator says, “In the State Senate District 1 race, the Republican candidate has 2% of the vote and the Democratic candidate has 2% of the vote. We can now predict that “None of these candidates” is the winner. Of course, the law states that only the votes for a candidate will be counted so “None of these candidates” could not win.

If this continued for several races, the commentators would definitely be discussing why “None of these candidates” were getting so many votes. The candidates would realize that they must keep their word and keep their promises.

Then, the commentator announces, “We have a news bulletin. The Democratic Party and the Republican Party have demanded that the voting machines be examined for tampering. They believe that there has been voter fraud.”

It would be national news. It would have a tremendous effect on the 2016 elections. We the People would have better candidates who we can trust. The incumbents will know that they must keep their oath and their promises or they will lose the next election. Voter fraud will be reduced.

If We the People had revolted with our vote in the 2012 Presidential election, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney would have been eliminated. We would have elected either a Constitutional Party President, a Libertarian Party President, or a Green Party President. Would the County be in any worse condition? The answer is that it would probably be in better condition and We the People would have sent a message that We the People are in charge.

In Nevada, Cliven Bundy stood up to the BLM and the Federal Government. He risked his life and property to fight for Nevada's land and our rights. When armed troops arrived, various citizen militias from different parts of the County risked their lives to support Cliven.

One Saturday, it was so volatile that any wrong movement or noise could have resulted in bloodshed and loss of lives. Fortunately, the conflict was temporarily resolved to eliminate the tension and no one was seriously injured.

Many people are willing to take up arms and fight to protect our freedom and rights. However, they will not risk their vote. If We the People are afraid to risk our vote, we will soon have nothing left to fight to protect.

Our Forefathers risked their lives and all that they had to create our County and give us our freedom and liberty.

Our Veterans also risked their lives to protect that same freedom and liberty.

We the People only need to risk our vote to save our County, our freedom, and our liberty.

If We the People do not revolt with our vote now, it will be too late..

Thursday, December 12, 2013

This is from an email that I received.

Yet it is Edward Snowden who probably deserves the most appreciation right now. With each new revelation, it becomes clearer that he has done a public service of the highest order. We can hope that people in power will eventually recognize that and make a deal that will give him asylum in a Western democracy or, better yet, a way back home as a genuine patriot who committed an act of justified civil disobedience.

Who has demonstrated more honor? Is it Snowden or the people, also deeply patriotic, who run our national security apparatus? I don't doubt that the spies truly believe they've also done what is necessary. But they've lied to Congress and the American people; trampled on our civil liberties; and, in general, violated their sworn oaths to defend the Constitution. Who's the greater patriot?

I agree.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The FDA's War on You

I received this in an email.

Our freedoms are being taken away from us.
November 26, 2013

The FDA's War on You

Dear Laissez Faire Today Reader,

Yesterday, you read about the government's latest crusade against trans fat. Instead of reminding you that bad foods like cookies, cakes and candies contain the unhealthy substance, they're working hard to remove it from the American diet. And if delicious treats, snacks and desserts are the unintended casualties, they're willing to make that sacrifice on your behalf.

But now they're waging a different kind of war. A war against your genetics. They want to make sure you don't know anything about them.

Confused? We were too when we first came across the story. Let's go over some details.

23andMe is an innovative company that offers a unique service if you're the adventurous type. They are a popular genomics service that offers genetic testing at an affordable price. So if you want to check to see what diseases you might be predisposed to as you get older, they can help you out.

You would think that a government that's bending over backwards to make sure people get medical coverage for benefits they don't even need would find this service invaluable. But government logic doesn't work that way.

Instead, the Food and Drug Administration just banned the service because they're worried about what you might do with this information. That's right. The government doesn't want you to be too informed.

You see, they think if you take one of their genetic tests and it says you have a high risk of breast cancer, you might do something rash and have a mastectomy. Of course, most people presented with this kind of information would probably take a less drastic route. That might include more testing to make sure you actually are at risk, or changing your diet and stop eating foods that contain trans fat (solving another problem without government meddling).

But to think that people would start lining up for invasive surgeries based on a $99 test is crazy.

There could be another reason why health officials are cracking down on this test. They want their cut of the action. In the letter they sent to the company, they made it clear that this genetic test falls under the category of a medical device. As such, they need to do the proper testing and get government permission to offer their product to consumers.

Whether or not this qualifies as a medical device isn't the big issue. It's whether the government plays a role in determining whether you should have access to information regarding your own body. They've taken it upon themselves to be the guardian that withholds bad news from you because they think you might do something reckless with it. It's another case of the government taking an active role in your personal life.

But like we said yesterday when it came to trans fats, now that they're involved in the health care of millions of Americans, they have vested interest in your health and well-being. If someone decides to have an unnecessary surgery (and we think that person would be in a tiny minority), the system they're created might have to pay for that.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Blame Game

In this letter to the Editor of the Review Journal, I am discussing how we must take responsibility for our lives. We cannot demand that the government provide for our wants.

Here is the link to the article. Scroll down to the Blame Game letter

Blame game

To the editor:

In response to Nadia Romeo’s Thursday letter, responding to “The 10 Cannots,” it’s this type of thinking that’s causing many of the problems in our country. Instead of taking responsibility for our lives, many blame others or other things for their living conditions. Sure, some things are out of our control, but we must do the best we can under the circumstances.

In her letter, Ms. Romeo blames banks and big business for our lack of thrift. She blames the rich because they aren’t paying enough in taxes. She blames health care and college costs for our spending more than we make, and she blames Mitt Romney for inciting class hatred.

It reminds me of a story Jim Rohn told. When he was 25 and broke, his mentor asked him why he was broke, since he had been working since he was 21. Jim said that he had a list. He blamed the government, his job, his boss, his wife, his relatives and even the weather. His mentor said that there was only one thing wrong with his list: He wasn’t on it.

We all have catastrophes in our lives. However, if we give up and blame others, we will never succeed.

It’s the American Dream that a person can start with nothing and be a success. That dream is still obtainable. It may be more difficult now, but it is still there. We live in the greatest country in the world. It’s up to us to take advantage of the opportunities available. We must also protect our freedoms so that we continue to have those opportunities.



Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Las Vegas Sun Letter about Our Republic being Threatened.

This is an article that I wrote about how our Republic is being threatened. It was published in the Las Vegas Sun newspaper.

Here is the link.

In his column entitled “How to improve elections,” Trey Grayson says, “Clean, fair and credible elections underpin a functioning democracy, so improving the way ballots are cast and counted ought to be a broadly embraced, wholly nonpartisan goal.”
I agree that we need to improve elections, especially by eliminating fraud in registering, casting and tallying the votes. According to legislative testimony by Ross Miller, Nevada’s secretary of state, the state has eliminated lines on voting day by using early and absentee voting. Voter turnout has also increased drastically. In fact, Nevada’s voting procedures are being studied by other states.
However, the United States is not a democracy — as Grayson states in his first sentence and then several times throughout the article. The United States is a republic, ruled by law — and the law is our Constitution.
The Constitution is being ignored by our representatives and we are losing our freedoms and liberty. Soon we will be a democracy where rule by the majority will enslave the minority.
Our only protection is to vote and elect representatives who will uphold the Constitution.

Read more: http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2013/mar/20/our-republic-being-threatened/#ixzz2OlWdBEZo

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Las Vegas Sun Letter about Legislative Salaries

This is a link to my letter to the editor published in the Las Vegas Sun today about a bill to increase the salaries of the Nevada legislators.

We cannot continue to spend money and increase taxes. We must demand that our Nevada Legislators stop raising taxes and balance the budget.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

We are losing our freedom and liberty.

This is an except from the Constitution Party Newsletter.

No more assaults on our gun rights. No more assaults on our civil liberties.

No more standing by silently while the statists build up their prison walls all around us with outrageous schemes, including:

***Unmanned, armed drones flying overhead to spy on us;

***Department of Homeland Security-approved "Fusion Centers" issuing warnings about people who might have the "wrong" presidential candidate's bumper sticker on their car;

***Mandatory groping and naked body scans just to board an airplane;

***Warrantless wiretapping and snooping, enabling nameless, faceless bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. to listen to our phone calls and read our emails;

***Looking the other way while the President claims authority to assassinate American citizens on a whim;

***The NDAA's "indefinite detention" provision allowing our federal government to lock us up FOREVER without so much as a trial.

Of course, they tell you and me they're demolishing our constitutional liberties "for our own good."
I agree 100%