Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Do you have the courage to risk your vote?

The approval rating of the United States Congress is about 15%. Yet, almost 90% of the incumbents are reelected. This is insanity. Who is at fault? We the People must take the blame. We continue to vote for the lessor of two evils. We don't have the courage to revolt with our vote.

We must stop voting for the party candidate blindly. We must eliminate any candidate from consideration who has taken an oath to uphold the constitution and then votes for unconstitutional bills. This would include any bill which is questionably unconstitutional. We must also eliminate from consideration any candidate who broke his campaign promises

If your party's candidate, is eliminated because he voted for unconstitutional bills or broke his campaign promises, you must not vote for him. You must consider another candidate. If there are only two candidates and both are eliminated, you can not vote for either.

Here in Nevada, you can vote for “None of these candidates” so you can still vote. In other states, you may be able to vote for a write in candidate. However, if you only have two choices and both are eliminated, just do not vote in that race.

Image what would happen on election night television coverage if We the People had the courage to revolt with our vote. The commentator says, “In the State Senate District 1 race, the Republican candidate has 2% of the vote and the Democratic candidate has 2% of the vote. We can now predict that “None of these candidates” is the winner. Of course, the law states that only the votes for a candidate will be counted so “None of these candidates” could not win.

If this continued for several races, the commentators would definitely be discussing why “None of these candidates” were getting so many votes. The candidates would realize that they must keep their word and keep their promises.

Then, the commentator announces, “We have a news bulletin. The Democratic Party and the Republican Party have demanded that the voting machines be examined for tampering. They believe that there has been voter fraud.”

It would be national news. It would have a tremendous effect on the 2016 elections. We the People would have better candidates who we can trust. The incumbents will know that they must keep their oath and their promises or they will lose the next election. Voter fraud will be reduced.

If We the People had revolted with our vote in the 2012 Presidential election, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney would have been eliminated. We would have elected either a Constitutional Party President, a Libertarian Party President, or a Green Party President. Would the County be in any worse condition? The answer is that it would probably be in better condition and We the People would have sent a message that We the People are in charge.

In Nevada, Cliven Bundy stood up to the BLM and the Federal Government. He risked his life and property to fight for Nevada's land and our rights. When armed troops arrived, various citizen militias from different parts of the County risked their lives to support Cliven.

One Saturday, it was so volatile that any wrong movement or noise could have resulted in bloodshed and loss of lives. Fortunately, the conflict was temporarily resolved to eliminate the tension and no one was seriously injured.

Many people are willing to take up arms and fight to protect our freedom and rights. However, they will not risk their vote. If We the People are afraid to risk our vote, we will soon have nothing left to fight to protect.

Our Forefathers risked their lives and all that they had to create our County and give us our freedom and liberty.

Our Veterans also risked their lives to protect that same freedom and liberty.

We the People only need to risk our vote to save our County, our freedom, and our liberty.

If We the People do not revolt with our vote now, it will be too late..

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