Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Illusion of Choice

These are parts of an article by Joel Bowman in an article entitled, "The Illusion of Choice".

Tell me sir, “yes” or “no,” have you stopped beating your wife?

Simply put, the false dilemma is a sly trick of exclusion whereby a speaker (always generously) offers his or her audience the apparently favorable choice between two unfortunately poor options.

So profoundly have certain false dilemmas bored their way into people’s “thinking” that supposedly able-minded individuals have stricken the very possibility of free market cooperation from their mental map.

Indeed, some confused people even contend that, were we to ignore the iron-fisted directives of The State, we would promptly descend into a Mad Max-style dystopia, in which a collection of unchecked territorial monopolies would roam the planet, stealing and damaging property at whim and torturing, imprisoning and killing whomever they so wished.

Strange then that these same people would “remedy” this apocalyptic nightmare by supporting The State...a collection of unchecked territorial monopolies that roam the planet, stealing and damaging property at whim and torturing, imprisoning and killing whomever they so wish.

I mention this article because this is the reason that government has grown so large. We think that the only solution to a problem is to have the government solve it even when the government has proven over and over again that it is not an effecient problem solver. In fact, it ususally creates more problems than it solves.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Is the United States still a Republic?

A Republic is a form of government which is governed by law. Our Country was founded as a Republic governed by the Constitution which is the law of the land. In recent times, the Constitution has been reinterpreted in many ways. Is the United States still a Republic?

An article in the Las Vegas Sun states that "Well, I’ve said before that, just as the framers of the Constitution were imperfect, so was that hallowed manuscript they created. Those Founding Fathers’ greatest gift was drafting a document that would be adaptable to the changing times that were sure to come and indeed keep coming".

Of course, the Constitution may need updating, but the framers provided a way to change it. You change it with an Amendment. If the courts can change it with their interpretation, we do not have a government by law, but by interpretation. There is no law at all if a judge can change it any time with his decision.

A Republic needs a strict rule of law. If times change, the law must be changed to adapt. In the United States, Congress must pass an Amendment to the Constitution. We cannot have judges change it with their rulings even if it is the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court purpose is to determine if a law is constitutional or not. The Supreme Court must have a strict interpretation of the Constitution. If the Supreme Court expands or changes the original interpretation, the Constitution becomes meaningless and we do not have a Republic.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

What if We were electing a king and not a President?

If we were electing a king, we would have a monarchy (rule by one) or, if the king was controlled by a few people, we would have an oligarchy (rule by a few).  Our founding fathers created a Republic which is rule by law. In American, our law is the Constitution. Do we still uphold the Constitution? Do we still have a Republic?
A king can make any decree and it is law. Our President can issue an Executive Order and it becomes law. There is not much difference.
A king can arrest and imprison one of his subjects without a trial. Now that the National Defense Authorization Act has passed, our President can arrest and imprison an American citizen without a trial. There is not much difference.
A king can create any kind of tax that he wants. With this new Supreme Court Decision on the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, our President with the help of Congress can tax anything. The Supreme Court ruled that we can be taxed for not buying Health Insurance. What will be next? Will we be taxed for not buying postage stamps because the Post Office needs money? Will we be taxed for not exercising because we are too fat so that the government can save money on health care? There is not much difference?
It’s rapidly coming to this: If you can be “taxed” for refusing to buy health insurance, you can also be “taxed” for refusing to ship off your kids to the U.S. armed forces. “If you have military-age children who have not served in this decade’s wars, then you owe a debt — meaning money — to those who did,” is how the Associated Press paraphrases the idea behind a new fundraising effort. How long before it will become a tax. There is not much difference?
A king can live a lavish life style in a huge castle spending money on clothes, travel and entertainment without any restrictions. Our President lives a lavish life style in the White House. He travels anywhere he wants in a private jet. He even has another jet for his dog. His daughter goes on spring break with her friends to Mexico. There is not much difference?
If you testify in court, you take an oath to tell the truth. If you break that oath and lie, you will be convicted of perjury and sent to jail. Our congressmen take an oath to uphold the Constitution. When they break that oath and vote for an unconstitutional bill, nothing happens. In fact, they probably will be reelected because the incumbent wins most elections.
We are losing our freedom, liberty, and independence. We may soon have a king instead of a President. We are becoming subjects to the king (government).
It is our fault. We, the voters, have elected the people who have taken our freedom from us little by little. You can continue to vote the same people into office or you can get rid of them and vote in people that will uphold the Constitution.
If you continue to vote Democrat or Republican, you will continue to lose more freedom and independence. By voting for a third party candidate whenever possible, you can make a difference. Do you want a king or a President? There is a great difference.

Don’t waste your vote. Don’t vote for the lesser of two evils. Vote for qualified third party candidates even if you don’t think they will win because, if you do, soon they will win. You will have made a great difference. You will regain your freedom and independence. You will have a President instead of a king.

It is your choice.

You can be an independent American or you can be a government slave.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Obamacare and the Supreme Court Decision

I believe that this article demonstrates how we are losing our rights and freedoms given us by the Constitution. According to James Madison Obamacare is illegitimate.

Here is the link.