Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Las Vegas Sun Letter about Our Republic being Threatened.

This is an article that I wrote about how our Republic is being threatened. It was published in the Las Vegas Sun newspaper.

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In his column entitled “How to improve elections,” Trey Grayson says, “Clean, fair and credible elections underpin a functioning democracy, so improving the way ballots are cast and counted ought to be a broadly embraced, wholly nonpartisan goal.”
I agree that we need to improve elections, especially by eliminating fraud in registering, casting and tallying the votes. According to legislative testimony by Ross Miller, Nevada’s secretary of state, the state has eliminated lines on voting day by using early and absentee voting. Voter turnout has also increased drastically. In fact, Nevada’s voting procedures are being studied by other states.
However, the United States is not a democracy — as Grayson states in his first sentence and then several times throughout the article. The United States is a republic, ruled by law — and the law is our Constitution.
The Constitution is being ignored by our representatives and we are losing our freedoms and liberty. Soon we will be a democracy where rule by the majority will enslave the minority.
Our only protection is to vote and elect representatives who will uphold the Constitution.

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