Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Air Force Academy Spends $80,000 on Pagan Worship Center

i saw this posted on the Independent American web site.
Air Force Academy Spends $80,000 on Pagan Worship Center
Posted on December 5, 2011 by Christopher
What do you get when you combine pagans, two witches, and the Air Force Academy? Eighty thousand taxpayer dollars. That’s how much the government is spending in its pursuit of political correctness in the military.

After a year’s worth of work, the U.S. Air Force finished construction on an outdoor worship center for “wiccans, druids, and earth-worshippers“–despite not having a single one on its cadet roster. The USAF agreed to the project to accommodate “a civilian” and an “Air Force reservist” who demanded equal treatment for their faith.

I am so glad that we have congressmen who are trying to cut government spending and reduce our debt.

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