Thursday, January 31, 2013

We are losing our freedom and liberty.

This is an except from the Constitution Party Newsletter.

No more assaults on our gun rights. No more assaults on our civil liberties.

No more standing by silently while the statists build up their prison walls all around us with outrageous schemes, including:

***Unmanned, armed drones flying overhead to spy on us;

***Department of Homeland Security-approved "Fusion Centers" issuing warnings about people who might have the "wrong" presidential candidate's bumper sticker on their car;

***Mandatory groping and naked body scans just to board an airplane;

***Warrantless wiretapping and snooping, enabling nameless, faceless bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. to listen to our phone calls and read our emails;

***Looking the other way while the President claims authority to assassinate American citizens on a whim;

***The NDAA's "indefinite detention" provision allowing our federal government to lock us up FOREVER without so much as a trial.

Of course, they tell you and me they're demolishing our constitutional liberties "for our own good."
I agree 100%