Monday, February 27, 2012

Education--Big Union, Bigger Money

The article “Big Union, Bigger Money” is the perfect example that we don’t need more money for education, but we need more education for our money.”

This article demonstrates the waste in the educational budget. Administrators and Union Officials are receiving more and more and the teachers are not being rewarded for doing a good job

If Nevada would cut school administrative expenses instead of laying off teachers and if Nevada would stop social promotion in all grades levels, we would see a vast improvement in the education of our children without spending more money.

Since the legislature can only create the budget amount and cannot specify how it should be spent, I suggest that the budget be divided into 2 parts: the administrative budget and the teaching budget. The departments in each budget would be specified. Then cut the administrative budget by about 15% and add 15% to the teaching budget. Put the money where it belongs. Put it in the classroom

Silly me: I tried to open a lemonade stand

The Reveiw Journal Commentary about “Silly me: I tried to open a lemonade stand” demonstrates what is happening in our economy. The government is preventing people from going into business for themselves and earning a living. All the government regulations make it too difficult and costly for someone to go into business to try and support their family and themselves.

While I was canvassing during the 2010 elections, I talked to many people who were unemployed and wanted to go to work for themselves, but couldn’t because of all the government regulation. There were painters, handymen, bookkeepers, beauticians, and many others who could have easily gone to work for themselves, but didn’t have the money to do so

The government should provide opportunities for people to work and support themselves. It shouldn’t create obstacles for them and then have to provide them support welfare and food stamps