Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why are people rioting in Eygpt?

The media says the the riots are political, but the real reason behind the riots is food price inflation.

It was no coincidence that the protests across North Africa were triggered by a Tunisian fruit vendor who was protesting against police confiscation of fruit and vegetables he was trying to sell on the street.

The United Nations reports the price of cereals rose 39% last year. The price of oils and fats, meanwhile, rose 55%.

All staples, like bread, beans and rice. for Egypt’s 80 million people are in critically short supply. When people are hungry, rioting is sure to follow.

When you consider that we are using more biofuels, that the world's population is increasing, that we are converting farmland into cities, and that we are printing more fiat money to put into circulation, food prices will continue to escalate.

It is not a surprise that there is unrest in the world.

The government must stop spending money that it doesn't have. It must balance the budget without raising taxes.

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