Saturday, June 18, 2011

The New America-more socialism than capitalism

America is not a socialist country. We have private ownership of assets and profits.

However, it is not a capitalistic coutnry either. The State contols almost every business with regulations, fees, restrictions, and taxes.

Because various types of government make up more than 40% of GDP, we live in a society dominated by government.

America is a combination of the two with socialism becoming the more powerful influence.

I love this quote.
The risks are socialized; the profits are privatized.
Capitalism is what made America great. It allows us as American Citizens to work hard and keep the fruits of our labors.

Now we work about 6 months a year just to pay our various taxes.

It is time to use our vote to remove the parasites from office and elect courageous legislatures who will reduce government and balance the budget.

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