Monday, December 3, 2012

Obama's Campaign Promises

In his crusade for a second crack at the presidency, Obama made many promises. He pledged to create "1 million manufacturing jobs by 2016", to cut "oil imports in half by 2020," and "cutting in half the growth in college tuition over the next 10 years. The means to accomplish these goals consisted of vague references to reforming tax codes and establishing "a new network of 15-20 manufacturing innovation institutes," etc.

Before his election, the Obama stated that the economy had turned around and he just needed more time. Now we are facing a "fiscal cliff".

Four years from now, we will see the results, but we must remember what Obama promised. Of course, he will not be campaigning, but we need to remember that politician's make promises that they do not keep. We must look at their record not listen to their promises.

Obama has blamed Bush for all the problems. Who will he blame now?

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