Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Working against workers

An article by the NPRI written by Patrick R. Gibbons is about the Minimum Wage Law and its effect on unemployment. It states that,
Nevada's political leaders have only made the situation worse. The legislature kicked Nevadans while they were down with, yet again, a massive tax increase in 2009. Legislative leaders have also virtually destroyed what little economic confidence remained in the state by repeatedly talking up more tax increases and spending $250,000 on a dubious study to justify their hunger for a corporate income tax.

Nevada voters don't escape responsibility, either. They put a thoroughly destructive minimum-wage law in the state constitution by a voter initiative in 2006. Thus on July 1 of this year the state minimum wage increased to $8.25 an hour for laborers without health insurance.

In 2011, Nevada's political leaders will likely pass the largest tax increase in Nevada's history so that they can spend more money which they do not have.

Instead of raising taxes and spending money, we need to help businesses to grow to create jobs and stimulate the economy.

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