Monday, September 27, 2010

4 interesting articles on the Review Journal Nevada section front page

One is about question 4 which seeks to revise the PISTOL amendment about eminent domain. It says that
If voters approve the question, then they revise the Peoples' Initiative to Stop Taking Our Land (PISTOL) constitutional amendment that 60 percent of them approved in 2008.

Why should the government be able to take land from an owner to give to a private company for any reason?

Another is about voters demand balanced budgets. It says
A majority of Nevadans say they believe it is time to revive a proposed constitutional amendment requiring a balanced federal budget, according to a new poll.

I am sure that they would support the Tax and Spending Control amendment here in Nevada.

The third one is about the school district spending. It says
In a year when the Clark County School District budgeted for a $140 million shortfall and contemplated teacher layoffs, it might seem odd that it spent $200,000 to recruit and retain 80 teachers with one year or less of experience.

But district officials have a contract they must honor with Teach For America, a non?profit organization that recruits outstanding college graduates who are not professionally licensed for education.

This is a complete waste of educational dollars. It has to stop.

Finally, an article about an immigration operation that nets 38 fugitives. It says
The operation focused on people who had prior criminal convictions and failed to leave the country after being ordered to do so.

What was interesting about this article was that these were people who had be ordered to leave the country and didn't leave. My question is why weren't they deported immediately.

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