Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Personal responsibility can untangle government's mess

This article in the New York Times and the Review Journal states,
The heart of any moral system is the connection between action and consequences. Today’s public anger rises from the belief that this connection has been severed in one realm after another.

Financiers send the world into recession and don’t seem to suffer. Neighbors take on huge mortgages and then just walk away when they go underwater. Washington politicians avoid living within their means. Federal agencies fail and get rewarded with more responsibilities.

What the country is really looking for is a restoration of responsibility. If some smart leader is going to help us get out of ideological gridlock, that leader will reframe politics around this end.

I think that the author is correct about this is really the heart of our problems. We are asking the government to solve all our problems and to protect us from any difficulty.

Our legislators are taking advantage of this and using it to stay elected and spending our money.

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