Monday, November 29, 2010

Real Shocker-Consumers not gaga over electric cars

In this article in the Review Journal, it states,
When the Obama administration took over financially ailing General Motors, more than one observer dubbed the resulting enterprise "Government Motors."

Since then, GM has geared up production of pricey "hybrids" that supposedly cause less pollution, until one considers battery disposal.

Critics complained the central state was mandating production of a kind of car that truck- and SUV-hungry American consumers don't want. The Obama administration responded, in effect, "Not so: Lots of the hybrids are selling."

But an examination of just where those sales are coming from gives the "Government Motors" label new relevance. President Barack Obama's own administration has bought almost a fourth of the Ford and GM hybrid vehicles sold since he took office, Bloomberg News reports, accelerating federal purchases to make up for waning consumer demand.

Once again the government is interfering with supply and demand. The liberals complain that capitalism doesn't work, but the government has been interfering with capitalism for years. The more that government interferes, the more that our government becomes socialistic. That is why we are an economic crisis today.

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