Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We shouldn't allow politicians to deceive us.

In this letter to the editor in the Sun, it says that,
Why let political shenanigans decide who and what gets our vote instead of using common sense and putting country and all American people first? Of course, this is something about which we don’t usually think, as is the fact that we never learn our lesson nor see that power-hungry political parties are not interested in the welfare of the country or the American people, but only in themselves.

With 2 parties in complete control, this is what you will get. We need to have 3 or 4 major parties to provide a choice for the voters.

In Nevada, the voters have a great opportunity to have a 3rd major political party. the Independent American Party is the 3rd largest party and the fastest growing party in Nevada. 4 IAP candidates were elected in the last election.

Now is the time to register as an IAP voter. You can still vote for the candidate that you feel is best, but you will have helped the IAP become the 3rd major political party in Nevada and sent a message that you have had enough and will fight back.

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