Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Four reasons to be frustrated with political leaders

This Las Vegas Sun letter to the editor, in response to a letter by a Brian Greenspan, lists 4 reasons that people are frustrated with our political leaders. They are
Because so many public servants that Greenspun praises are less than honorable — fabricating or manipulating facts to support their positions, such as the professed savings in the health care bill.

If it provides coverage for millions of additional people, the costs will be exorbitant. Politicians insult my intelligence by trying to convince me otherwise. It would have been a more honest approach to state the beneficial goals of health care reform and provide the real costs. The ends never justify the means.

Second, members of Congress frequently serve their own interests. They take large campaign contributions from lobbyists, then vote not their conscience but for the lobbyists’ interests. Some are “on the take,” as evidenced by recent criminal convictions.

Third, politicians are often devious. The health care bill revealed closed-door meetings, buying votes in exchange for federal assistance or an executive order on abortion, and clearly a manipulation of voting on the measure. Where is the promised transparency?

Finally, more than a few politicians lack ethical principles, and are selfish and narcissistic. They espouse righteous family values while living amoral lives.

While all politicians may not fall into these catagories, I am afraid that this applies to many of them.

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