Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Selling a house? Papers, please.

Can you sell your house without approval from the government? This Review Journal article says that you may soon have to get an energy inspection before they can sell their home. It states that:
They're inspecting our cars -- and urging us on the radio to turn in our neighbors over a puff of smoke -- even though on-board computers reliably keep cars running vastly cleaner than 40 years ago, while city buses, the biggest polluters per passenger mile, go unchallenged. They're regulating how big our toilet tanks can be and what light bulbs we can use.

And now the Obama administration wants Americans to have their homes inspected for "energy efficiency" before they're allowed to sell them. Honest.

Government is growing too big and too fast. Too pay for all this government, taxes will have to be raised. Soon you will be paying 75% of your earnings in various taxes. You will be slaves to the government.

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