Sunday, April 25, 2010

Minimum to park and pick up at McCarran goes up to $2

This article in the Las Vegas Sun tells about the price increase in parking at McCarran. This is just the start of raising costs and taxes.
“The minimum charge: $2.

This is ridiculous!” Pahrump resident Darlene Borgman said when the new system caught her by surprise last week. “They must really be hurting for money.”

She parked for 13 minutes while picking up a friend. Under the old system, 10 minutes would have cost a quarter; 20 minutes, 50 cents.

In short-term lots on floors 1 and 2M in the parking garage, rates are $2 for the first 60 minutes, $4 for one to two hours, $6 for two to three hours and $3 for each additional hour. The daily maximum charge is $36 and if you lose your ticket, the minimum charge is $36.

When the legislature meets in 2011, you know that tax increases are on the agenda. We must start now to fight these tax increases.

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