Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nevada should quit protecting bad teachers

An E-Bulletin from the NPRI states that
Either Nevada somehow attracts and retains the best teachers on the planet, or the state is packing kids into classrooms with unacceptably high odds they will be taught by ineffective, if not incompetent, teachers.

They make that statement because
Nevada’s school districts terminated or failed to renew the contracts of just 0.2 percent of “untenured teachers” and 0.3 percent of “tenured teachers” in 2007-08. Overall, Nevada kept 99.4 percent of its teachers that year. Only Arkansas, Delaware and Pennsylvania fired fewer teachers.

It also mentions New York City’s infamous “rubber room,” where incompetent teachers sit all day and get paid.

The Center for American Progress recommends that states should change their tenure statutes to explicitly mandate that teacher retention and dismissal decisions incorporate teacher effectiveness data.

Nevada is last in education and we need to start to make changes in the state educational system.

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