Monday, April 5, 2010

Tough choices ahead

This article in the Las Vegas Sun states that,
Like Pennsylvania, Nevada faces a dire situation and has been cutting its budget recently. When taxes are raised here, they tend to be of the Band-Aid variety. Of course, if Nevada’s political leaders had been doing the right thing in the past, modestly passing tax hikes when times were good, we wouldn’t be in the boat we’re now in, desperately hunting for new sources of revenue or taking a cleaver to the state’s budget. One thing that’s clear is that Nevada must come to grips with creating a stable, fair tax structure that works for the 21st century.

While I agree that "Nevada's political leaders should have been doing the right thing in the past", I don't agree that they should have be passing tax increases. I think that they should have controlled spending.

It also claims that,
Leaving aside some good arguments against such a mileage-metering plan, the real problem rests in that Nevada hasn’t raised the state’s share of the gas tax since the early 1990s. The state’s population has exploded in two decades, putting even more pressure on the state’s infrastructure.

While the population has exploded, so did the tax revenue. The problem is that the money was spent recklessly without any consideration of where it was spent or how it was spent. No consideration was given to economic cycles which have always occurred.

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