Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The achievement test for government

This is a very interesting concept. In this article, David Brooks proposes that government action should be judged by what it will achieve. It states,
The best way to measure government is not by volume, but by what you might call the Achievement Test. Does a given policy arouse energy, foster skills, spur social mobility and help people transform their lives?

David then discusses past actions by the government and their consequences. He says that the size of government isn't important, it is what the government is accomplishing that matters. He states,
How big will the resulting government be? That is a secondary issue. If a policy enhances achievement, we should be for that thing. If it displaces investment, we should be skeptical of it. Quality, not quantity, matters most.

I agree that we should only pass bills that will be beneficial to our society.
However, we should also consider the Constitution and only pass bill that are Constitutional. We should not be expanding government by a loose interpretation of the Constitution.

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