Thursday, January 20, 2011

Useless rhetoric isn't solving poverty problem

In response to this letter in the Sun, I sent this letter to the editor.
In his letter about solving the poverty problem, Bruce Carper asks for solutions. He points out the poverty is obviously on the rise. I suggest that there are 3 major reasons for the increase.

One is that welfare isn’t working because it encourages people to live off the government instead of encouraging them to improve themselves so that they are more qualified to be hired. The program should require welfare recipients to participate in training or learning programs so that they become qualified to get a job. Another idea would be to put a limit on how long you can receive welfare. For instance, allow 5 years of welfare for a person’s entire life. Then if they are on welfare for 2 years, they would still be able to get 3 more years welfare should another unfortunate event occur.

Secondly, consider the effect of taxes on the need for jobs. In 1950, one could graduate from high school, get an average job, and support a family. Now, it takes 2 people working at an average job to support a family. The main reason is that taxes have almost doubled. Therefore, it takes 2 jobs to support a family. If one job could support a family like in 1950, we wouldn’t need as many jobs. Unemployment might still be high, but less families would be homeless and starving. Less people on assistance would reduce the costs of assistance and require less taxes.

The final major reason for increased poverty is the government regulations and fees on businesses. Here in Nevada, the unemployment tax paid by businesses just went up and they are considering another increase near the end of the year. Do you really think that businesses are going to be thinking of hiring more people when their cost of hiring just went up?

Many unemployed people could start a business to earn some money, but it is too expensive and time consuming to get the business license and complete all the red tape. For instance, a barber could cut hair in his home, but it would be illegal. A house painter could paint homes, but it would be illegal.

By cutting regulations, red tape, and fees, more businesses would open or move to Nevada to help reduce the unemployment problem.

These are just a few suggestions of how to how the less fortunate improve their standard of life.

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