Monday, January 3, 2011

Should we be casting blame at the rich?

This Sun letter to the editor states,
But why despise the rich for this? I can see intelligent people showing anger toward the greedy Wall Street gang that created toxic assets that resulted in them getting richer and millions of middle class people losing their savings. I think most of us admire the people who gain wealth by working hard, competing against each other and getting ahead, but it is not easy to admire people who get rich because of oversights by our government.

Maybe the blame is unfairly put on the very rich and should be redirected toward a federal government that is failing to make the right calls far too often.

The next letter to the editor talks about government bailing out the banks and blames them for our financial crisis.
The U.S. government has spent the past two years bailing out banking giants and Wall Street that created the mortgage crisis all by themselves. Now that the banks and Wall Street are reasonably secure, it’s time to have government intervention to help people who are underwater on their mortgages and were left holding the bag and suffering greatly.

While I do not agree that the banks and Wall Street created the crisis because the government pushed them to make the bad loans. I do not agree with the bailout.
The next letter is a reply to a New York Times’ Thomas Friedman article that I commented about in a previous post. It states,
Congressmen have the most resources to determine the best ways to cut the deficit. I am going to type a short e-mail, asking my Nevada members of Congress to give priority to cutting the deficit. If you agree, please join me.

I agree and we have to get involved and let our legislators know how we feel.

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