Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Closing ranks

This Review Journal Article states,
Earlier this month, an audit of state contracts with current and former state employees revealed sweetheart deals that have led some lawmakers to suspect "criminal activity."

The irregularities include one employee billing the state for working 25 hours a day -- talk about dedication! -- and another receiving $350 an hour for a job usually rated at $65 an hour. The audit also found numerous cases when employees billed the state for doing contract work at times they were supposed to be working their regular state jobs.

Until waste like this is eliminated, the budget should not be increased.

The article continues,
If you listen closely, the snorting and foot-stomping you will now hear are the state bureaucratic equivalent of the way a herd of musk ox signal each other to form their defensive circle, with all horns pointing outward and each beast's unarmed posterior thus perfectly protected.

It is time to name names and fire the people who are responsible for this waste.

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