Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Supersized Government?

In this article in the Orlando Sentinel, it states,
People who wonder what America's budget problem is ultimately about should look to Europe. In the streets of Dublin, Athens and London, angry citizens are protesting government plans to cut programs and raise taxes. The social contract is being broken. People are furious; they feel betrayed.

Modern democracies have created a new morality. Government benefits, once conferred, cannot be revoked. People expect them and consider them property rights. Just as government cannot randomly confiscate property, it cannot withdraw benefits without violating a moral code.

The idea of individual responsibility has given way to government responsibility. A lady spills hot McDonald's coffee on her legs while driving and it is the McDonald's fault for not warning her.

As soon as something happens that we don't like, we ask the government to fix it. It is time that we take responsibility for our own actions.

The writer points out that,
If everyone feels morally entitled to existing benefits and tax breaks, public opinion will remain hopelessly muddled: desirous in the abstract of curbing budget deficits but adamant about keeping all of Social Security, Medicare and everything else. Politicians will be scared to make tough decisions for fear of voter reprisals.

How true. It will take courage and fortitude by the people and the politician to cut government spending. I fear that both qualities are lacking in most people and politicians.

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