Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Many recruits too dumb for Army

This article is depressing. I had to use a non RJ link, but it is the same article. It states,
Nearly one-fourth of the students who try to join the U.S. Army fail its entrance exam, painting a grim picture of an education system that produces graduates who can't answer basic math, science and reading questions, according to a new study released Tuesday.

It continues,
The report by The Education Trust found that 23 percent of recent high school graduates don't get the minimum score needed on the enlistment test to join any branch of the military. Questions are often basic, such as: "If 2 plus x equals 4, what is the value of x?"

The military exam results are also worrisome because the test is given to a limited pool of people: Pentagon data shows that 75 percent of those aged 17 to 24 don't even qualify to take the test because they are physically unfit, have a criminal record or didn't graduate high school.

I advise you to read this entire article. We are failing our children in many ways. We are leaving them broke because they will be in debt to the government and uneducated so that they will not be prepared to earn a living.

We must stop babying our children and demand that they learn the curriculum before they can pass up to the next grade. We must not lower the standards of our schools so that we can pass every child.

Without an education, our children are doomed to poverty.

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