Saturday, December 4, 2010

Job licensing

This article in the Review Journal states,
Anyone who argues state government has been cut to the bone hasn't visited Nevada's website.

Clicking on the "Boards & Commissions" button reveals flab begging to be carved away. More than 160 panels are listed alphabetically. Most of them serve dubious purposes -- especially licensing boards that exist solely to deny low-skill workers the chance to earn a living while protecting regulated industries from new competition.

I wonder how many people died from a bad haircut before we had licensed barbers. How many people died from unlicensed landscapers? These licensing boards are also just a way for government to get more money.

The article continues,
With so many Nevadans unemployed, licensing standards make it extremely difficult for the jobless to start businesses, especially home-based ones. The state needs a culture of opportunity, not bureaucracy, to grow its battered economy.

If we want Nevada to grow and if we want to stimulate Nevada's economy, we must make it easier to do business in Nevada.

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