Monday, October 11, 2010

Consider all sides before casting a vote

This letter to the editor in the Sun, states,
The Tea Party/Republicans encourage voters to focus on the deficit, the deficit, the deficit. Yes, the deficit is a major problem. But it is only part of the problem. Other major challenges that are rarely mentioned are Wall Street, big business, the whole military/industrial complex, insurance companies and Big Pharma. Abuses by all of the above are undermining our economic system and have wiped out many a retirement fund. As laws that were instituted to curb these abuses have been watered down or eliminated, we the people have been saddled with rapidly increasing premiums and fewer safeguards, while the profits of the institutions have become exorbitant.

The problem is the deficits. The tax and spend Republicans and Democrats have been in control for over 100 years. Look back 30 or 40 years. Is the economy any better? Is education any better? Are you any safer? Do you have as many freedoms?

We have more people living below the poverty level than ever before. We pay 50% to 60% of what we earn in taxes. We are facing 2 historic tax increases.

The government cannot and should not spend more than it takes in. It cannot keep raising taxes and continue spending. It has to stop.

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