Thursday, October 14, 2010

For State Senate

In the Review Journal’s article on the State Senate Races, the only candidates mentioned were the Democratic candidates and the Republican candidates. Why? I am sure that there are many very qualified third party candidates or independent candidates.

In fact, I am a candidate in the State Senator District 9 race and feel that I am more qualified that the other two candidates mentioned by the RJ. Did the RJ visit my web site, listen to my interviews on the radio, come to any events, or read the interview that I gave to the RJ before the decided who to support in this race?

If they did research my platform, they should have at least mentioned my candidacy and commented on why they didn’t feel they could support me.

Several weeks ago, an RJ editorial said that the 2 party system had failed and we needed more political parties, but then the RJ doesn’t even mention all the candidates in a race It could at least list the other candidates running.

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