Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The $3 billion deficit doesn't exist.

This article in the Sun is about Steven Horsford discussing the Nevada 2011 budget.
Senate Majority Leader Horsford states,
With the state facing an estimated $3 billion shortfall, Horsford, D-Las Vegas, proposed in an interview with the Las Vegas Sun that the state should cut programs or shift them along with their costs to local governments.

These spending reductions would total about $1.5 billion.

First, Nevada is not facing a $3 billion deficit. According the Nevada Budget Direct Andrew Clinger, the projected revenue is $5 billion and, according to Sean Whaley, Capital Bureau Chief of the Nevada News Bureau, the budget is about $6.5 billion. Therefore, the deficit is $1.5 billion. The $3 billion deficit is based on a wish list for the next 2 years. They are asking for an increase in spending of $1.5 billion.

Second, since the deficit should be $1.5 billion and Horsford said that we can cut $1.5 billion in costs, we can balance the budget without the need to raise taxes.

By passing illegal immigration laws similar to Arizona's SB 1070, we could save millions of dollars on illegal alien healthcare and educational costs and maybe even reduce taxes.

We cannot afford another tax increase. Do not be brainwashed into thinking that a tax increase is necessary. It isn't.

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