Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reveiw Journal Impact Opinion Poll Articles

This is the letter that I wrote to the Review Journal about their series of articles using the impact opinion polls.

In your series of articles about the impact opinion polls on taxes, you have neglected to ask some of the most important questions of all.

Would you be willing to cut services to avoid tax increases?

Would you favor an amendment like the Tax and Spending Control amendment which would limit budget increases to inflation and population growth?

The questions that are being asked all assume that a tax increase is necessary. This 2011 tax increase will be the third record tax increase in less than 10 years. With people struggling to survive due to inflation, people losing their businesses, people losing their homes, and people losing their jobs, we cannot afford any more tax increases.

In the latest figures by the government, more people are living in poverty than ever before. Higher taxes will create even more people living in poverty.

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