Wednesday, October 13, 2010

An education in spending

This Review Journal article states,
The last thing our education system needs is more money.

Of all the things the Newark, N.J., school system needs, the last of them is more money. Newark spends more per pupil than any other city in the country, and gets dismayingly little for it. For $22,000 per pupil — more than twice the national average — it graduates half its students.

Later in the article, it states,
We have tripled per-pupil spending during the past four decades, while results have largely stayed flat.

I believe that, if we used the testing standards of the past four decades, we would find that the results are terrible and getting worse. The drop out rate is higher than ever.

When we pass students in the K to 5 without requiring that they have learning the curriculum, we cannot expect them to be able to learn the curriculum when they get to high school. Therefore, they give up and drop out.

We do not need more money for education. We need more education for our money.

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