Monday, August 30, 2010

Taxes, immigration, and government salaries

In a letter to the editor in the Sun, this gentleman states,
The two wars and our foreign policy spending need to be reviewed. If we decide the spending is necessary, then taxes should be raised to pay for it. If not, the expenditures should be severely cut.

The fact that salaries and benefits of government workers have risen a good deal above what exists in the private sector is unfair, wrong and dangerous. These salaries and benefits should be cut to equal private-sector compensation.

Illegal immigration requires that we impose tough economic sanctions on employers who hire illegal immigrants, set up a system so people can come here to work temporarily and be tracked, and provide a way for noncriminal illegal immigrants already here to become legal or return to their home countries. If all that were done, border agents could work to block illegal drug traffic as their primary duty.

He makes some good points. I don't agree that we should raise taxes to pay for the military spending, but we should spend what is necessary to support our troops. I also do not agree in amnesty for illegal aliens, but I do think that we should provide a noncriminal way for illegal aliens to return home and still have the opportunity to come back legally.

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