Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nevada Allance for Retired Americans

Today, I was interviewed by the Nevada Allance for Retired Americans (NARA). I discussed the how the next session of the Nevada legislature would be discussing a personal state income tax, a corporate tax, a sales tax increase, and several other miscellaneous tax increases in a desperate attempt to balance the budget.

How, with the Federal Government creating huge budget deficits, inflation will increase, health care costs will increase, food costs will increase, utility costs will increase, and the cost of living will increase. How we will be faced with many difficult financial decisions. How we cannot afford another huge state tax increase.

You can ignore history and vote for a Democrat or Republican with their tax and spend policies, or you can fight back and vote for me, an Independent American Party candidate, who will fight to lower the budget and lower taxes. It is your choice.

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