Thursday, August 19, 2010

Is the government taking advantage of illegal immigrants.

This is part of a newsletter that I receive. I have edited some of this so it is not an actual quote from the newsletter.
As an owner of several small construction-related businesses in Virginia, we have hired upward of 20-30 immigrant workers during the 'good times.' All had 'proper' paperwork and Social Security cards. We followed all the rules, etc., in the hiring of 'immigrant'-type workers.

I then reviewed all of the employment files and determined that at least two-thirds of this work force was probably illegal, if not all.

After thinking about it, I immediately let all of them attrition out After more thought, I wondered why hasn't the government contacted us regarding these obviously fake Social Security cards. There has to be some kind of contradiction within the system that would raise a red flag. WHY?

Because the government is taking the illegals' deductions in order to fund today's retirees KNOWING that they, the government, will never have to pay out for these illegals, as they will, at some time, go back to Mexico or wherever they came from. It's a perfect scam for the government to hold up Social Security.

They are knowingly supporting the illegal immigrant situation here in the U.S. in order to fund the government. Why do you think the 'cost deficit' for Social Security has mysteriously increased over the past year? It's because a large proportion of the illegal immigrant population has gone back to their home country due to the nonexistent construction spending and is no longer paying into the fund.

It is interesting that the government hasn't taken steps to prevent fake SS numbers from being used.

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