Saturday, August 28, 2010

Reid, Angle stop the garbage commercials

This is one of the letters to the editor that I mentioned in my last post.
The fact is our national outlook is not getting any better, but much worse. The confidence we have in our political leaders is now at a miserable low.

It goes on to say,
This could be one elections in which "None of These Candidates" receives more votes than the politicians.

There are 6 candidates in this race. I am sure that one of the six would be a good senator.

This is the reason that we are in this mess. The media doesn't cover the campaigns of all the candidates and misleads the public into choosing between only the Democratic and Republican candidates.

You can fight back by voting for the best candidate Don't worry about who will win. Just vote your conscience.

You can also send a message by changing your voter registration to the 3rd largest party in your state. You can still vote for any candidate, but you will be helping that 3rd party grow to provide more choices.

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