Sunday, August 22, 2010

Focusing on Nevada businesses can help us all

This article in the Sun states that,
So what can we do? What should we do?

Focus on job growth. How about a “Nevada First” campaign? Why do our state’s businesses send their tax payments to an Arizona post-office box? Why should out-of-state businesses win construction bids on Nevada stimulus-funded projects?

It’s time to help the businesses here that are struggling. Oregon and other states have aggressively promoted opportunities for their own states’ businesses.

I agree that we have to help the business that are here and to also try to get businesses to move to Nevada. It is my first priority. However, we must also improve education, stop illegal immigration, and balance the budget as part of helping businesses and stimulating the economy.

While campaigning, I have a program for helping local businesses by distributing their advertising brochures. They can also advertise for free on Also, consumers visit the site and get money saving coupons from these local businesses.

It also states that,
Democrats and Republicans examined the budget from top to bottom and created a budget that was lean and austere. Positions were cut and programs eliminated, but we rejected cuts aimed at stopping home health care for medically fragile infants and payment for bathing and toileting of elderly and disabled Nevadans.

I disagree. I believe that the budget is not lean enough. We can still cut more from the upper management costs. We must first cut the budget to the bone before we look at revenue. Once the budget is as low as possible without cutting necessary services, we can look at the revenue problem.

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