Friday, August 27, 2010

Debate should include all the candidates

This letter to the editor in the Review Journal on Thursday stated,
So the debate sponsors -- 8 News Now, the Review-Journal and Vegas PBS -- are the new election board that decides who is a candidate and who isn't?

And the decision is based solely on a candidate's fundraising?

This appears to be nothing but a ploy by the media to control an election instead of taking the high road and giving Nevada voters exposure to all the candidates. Politics never changes: Nevadans continue to receive the best politics money can buy.

Then in Friday's Review Journal a front page article stated,
Nearly eight of 10 voters who remain undecided or who don't like Angle or Reid say they, too, would have preferred if the staunch conservative hadn't won the June 8 primary over her more moderate foes. And 58 percent of such nonaligned voters say they wish Reid hadn't won the Democratic nomination, suggesting a majority of Nevadans are unhappy with their choices.

There are 6 candidates in this senate race, but, if you just listen to the media, there are only 2.

The problem is that the media doesn't give the other candidates any publicity and they do not have the funds to buy advertising.

The Democrats and the Republicans control our government and they got us into this economic mess. Do you really trust them to get us out?

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