Friday, August 13, 2010

Dropout remedy challenged

There are 2 articles in the Review Journal about drivers licenses and school. Two years ago, I proposed that the Driving Age be 21 year of age with 3 exceptions.
One is if you are in the military.
Two is if you have graduated from high school or a trade school.
Three is if you are 16 years old and in school with a C average or better.

One article is entitled "Stopping dropouts from getting licenses a bad idea". This article is added restrictions to the license question which are not necessary. Therefore, the arguments do not apply and the article doesn't apply either.

The second article is more to the point. However, the article doesn't provide any real evidence that such a law would not work. While a few states have tried similar laws, they do not have any statistics on the effect of the law. It does say that
North Carolina has had a law denying driver's licenses to dropouts since 1998. Last year, the state had a graduation rate of about 75 percent.

The problem with most of the proposals and laws is that they are added other restrictions to the law. Politicians have to add something to a law even if it is not pork. They cannot help it.LOL

All the arguments about hardships to the students are not justifiable. It is wrong to let children go into the work place without an education. When they cannot get a job, that is a hardship.

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