Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Voters speak on ObamaCare

This editorial in the Review Journal is about the "popularity" of ObamaCare. In discussing the Missouri vote on it's ObamaCare referendum, it states,
Poll after poll showed Americans wanted the law repealed. Sen. Reid insisted his "reforms" were not only wonderful, but wildly popular.

On Tuesday, Missouri held the country's first referendum on ObamaCare's most constitutionally dubious provision: a mandate, effective in 2014, that Americans obtain health insurance coverage or pay a tax penalty for not doing so.

When all the ballots were counted, 71 percent of Missouri voters rejected the mandate. The result wasn't surprising, but the margin of victory sure was.

It continued at the end of the editorial and stated,
The message to Washington -- and to Sen. Reid, in particular -- could not be more clear: Americans do not want Congress dictating the type of health coverage they have, they are angry that they will become lawbreakers if they decline to purchase it, and they want less federal control over their personal lives.

After the Missouri vote was in, however, Sen. Reid put on his happy face -- and entered complete denial.

"Once you explain what's in this bill, the American people, of course, like it," Sen. Reid said.

Sure, Sen. Reid. Americans like your health care takeover, all right. Just like they like the IRS, plumbing failures and traffic jams.

We must take control of our government by electing representatives who will honor their oath to uphold the Constitution.

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