Friday, May 14, 2010

Arizona law is spreading?

In the Las Vegas Sun, there were 2 articles about immigration. I could not find any links to these articles. One was about an American citizen who served his country in Iraq. His wife is an illegal immigrant. While I support the law in Arizona, I believe that we have to do something about situations like the above.

The other article was about how Nevada or any state shouldn't pass a law similar to the SB 1070 law in Arizona. Of course, I do not agree with this article because I support Nevada passing a similar law to SB 1070.

However, what can we do about the situation mentioned above? I believe that if a illegal immigrant, who is married to an American citizen or has children who are American citizen, would go back to their country and apply for legal entry into the United States that they should be given immediate consideration.

However, they must apply within three months of the passage of the law. Otherwise, they will not be given this special consideration.

The Federal Government has created this problem because they have not protected our borders. The government is spending 100 billion dollars a year on Iraq and only 6 billion dollars a year on protecting the United States. Both the Republicans and Democrats are to blame.

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