Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My April report on my campaign.

My campaign for State Senator has started off with a bang. I have taped a video on Cox Cable. You can see it by following the instructions on my web site at www.electtomjones.com.

Then I had a photo shoot for the Review Journal so that they would have picture for their files to use when Press Releases or News Articles are published. Thank you RJ for your pro active efforts.

On April 10th, I had a booth at the Las Vegas Gun Show, it was very interesting. My wife, Raye, and I met a lot of other candidates from other parties. We were surprised how many attendees were from California! They cheered us on while we spoke out on our plans to save our State and National freedoms, fight to lower taxes and protect our state borders from illegal immigrants. Many felt it was too late for California to fight back, their battle was lost years ago. Now they are slaves to the system. How sad!

On April 13th, I did a 15 minute radio interview on Fox News Radio (1280am). Jeremy Wayne was an excellent interviewer and he made me feel very comfortable.

I appreciate Fox News Radio (1280am) for giving me the opportunity to express what I would do when elected. I promise to fight for lower taxes, smaller government and get more education for our children NOT more MONEY for education. Once again I applauded Fox News Radio (1280am) for their efforts to educate the Las Vegas Voter on what the candidates stand for and who they are. You can hear the interview on my web site or at www.electtomjones.com/Foxinterview.wav .

On April 15th, tax day or, as Jeremy Wayne calls it, punishment day, a Tea Party Event was held at Sunset Park which I attended. There were about 400 to 500 people there. There were several IAP candidates and supporters in attendance. I love it that Las Vegas is showing up in large numbers and getting involved in their local, State and US candidates and what they stand for.

On April 17th, I had two interviews. One was with the Veterans in Politics and the other was with Asian Americans group. WOW!!! What nice folks and I really appreciate how much effort was they put into getting acquainted with the candidates that were willing to take the time and energy to show up and share their views with them. That’s all they asked. The Asian Americans group had a wonderful buffet of the tastiest Asian food that would give the strip buffets a run for their money!!! I enjoyed their hospitality and spoke to their organization on my views and what I am going to do when I get elected.
I hope to have DVD’s of both of these interviews soon.

On April 21st, I attended a meet and greet for the Nurses Association of Nevada. I met many fine people. The nurse practitioners were very concerned about the new Obamacare bill. They said that they would not be able to take care of all the patients and that many would just have to wait much longer.

On April 22nd, I attended the Clark County Independent American Party candidates meeting. We discussed the next meeting of the Clark County Committee meeting and many of the current issues.

On April 24th, several IAP candidates had a booth at the Boys Scouts Expo at Sunset Park. My wife, Raye and I were very impressed with the event, community support and the hundreds of fine of young men that some day will be the leaders of our country. We had the opportunity to talk to many families about the pressing issues concerning education and our children’s and grandchildren’s future. My greatest concern is our future generations. I must protect their freedoms and rights which we will someday left to them as our legacy and their hope. Several voters registered with the IAP and gave their support for the 100k voter register challenge!!!

On April 30th, finally, on the last day of the month, I attended a Republican candidate debate hosted by Heidi Harris of KDWN-AM 720. It was informative and very lively.
This election in November will prove to a first!!! With the Republicans fighting to look like the conservative concerned right and the Democrats trying to blend in the background and not draw too much attention to the fact their party is taking the country down! Both parties are learning new ways to stay in power and maintain their same o same o. Doing the same thing, but promising different results is the definition of insanity!!!!

Basically, after my first month campaigning, I have found that people are very upset with the State and Local Government. I also found that I have a lot to do to get my campaign jump started.

Although I do not have a primary election, my goal is to campaign hard now to get a head start on my opponents. I need lots of help, campaign funding and prayers.

Americans Unite, We MUST Save Our Country!!!

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