Saturday, May 8, 2010

Resort fees catch guests by surprise

This article in the LV Sun tells about how hotel guests are complaining about the resort fees adding to their hotel bills. The article states,
“I just didn’t think it was right,” Murtaugh says.

Neither do many others who have been surprised by resort fees charged for their stays in Las Vegas. The tide of complaints about the fees is rising in online forums, travel blogs and just about everywhere else that frequent travelers swap stories and post reviews.

Murtaugh had previously stayed at Las Vegas hotels that didn’t charge resort fees, so the added charge caught him off-guard. Resorts say the fees cover amenities such as high-speed Internet, gym and pool access and newspaper delivery.

The casinos and hotels complain that tourism is declining, but they are adding these fees to the hotel charge.

The casinos have added these fees for things that were included in the hotel price, but they want to advertise lower prices so they add these fees. Show prices are up, food prices are up, and the take on the machines is higher. Why should tourists come to Las Vegas when they can get the same gaming elsewhere.

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