Friday, May 14, 2010

Streamlining government would save us big money

This letter to the editor in the Sun, makes a very valid suggestion. The writer points out that.
We’re informed that the Rural Electrification Administration was created this month 75 years ago. It is a fact that all of rural America has been electrified for many decades.

Similarly, the U.S. Geological Survey was created early in the 20th century to map the United States. That mapping was also completed many decades ago.

One would think that a federal agency created for specific work would be disbanded once its work was done.

He closes with this statement.
On top of those and many other responsible cost-cutting measures, we must elect representatives with the courage to attack wildly inflating entitlement programs, especially the unsupportable Obamacare.

We need to do this at both the national level and state level.

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