Saturday, May 1, 2010

Parking rates at McCarran Airport

There are 2 letters to the editor in the Review Journal about the increased parking rates at McCarron. They both make great points.

The first states,
I see that Randall Walker, director of the Clark County Department of Aviation, has spent $13 million in taxpayer money to "improve" our airport experience by squeezing every last dollar he can from us while we use the airport parking facility that we already paid for with our taxes in the first place ("Airport opens 'Express Exit,'" Wednesday Review-Journal). Mr. Walker, who is paid a public salary and benefits package of $375,000, just wants us to all to "pay our fair share."

It goes on to point out that he has
10 assistant directors with public salary and benefits packages ranging from $130,000 to $205,000 per year.

I couldn't find a link to the second letter so I will put most of it here.
Mr. Walker also said it wasn't "fair: that some people drove around looking for meters that still had time left on them. so. What? The airport was still getting paid for the use of the slot--and even getting paid if it stayed empty.

Finally, he said this will reduce lines leaving the parking lot. I never waited in line leaving short-term parking as a result of having to pay. I already paid when I parked. Now what I'll be waiting for is a traffic opening as a result of those who will keep driving around the airport rather than paying the increased fees.

Once again, another bureaucrat feeding us a line in the name of getting more money: "It''ll be better for you. Trust me."

I have used the short term parking lot at least twice a month for 13 years. I have never had a seen a line to leave this parking lot in all that time.

You are already having to pay more for government services. Wait until the next legislation session. Taxes will be raised again unless you vote in people who will fight to cut taxes and get our economy growing.

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