Monday, May 17, 2010

Common sense for state’s future

In this LV Sun article, Mr Greenspan says,
What I hope the Nevada Vision Stakeholder Group will envision is a Nevada that will diversify its economy, upgrade its educational product and make this state an enviable place to live in the future, and not a place that “used to be” a good place to live.

I ask what is wrong with what Las Vegas 'used to be'. What is wrong with being a good place to live? Nevada has had the several big tax increases in recent years. How is that working out for you?

He says near the end of the article,
We have seen all too dramatically what doesn’t work. No taxes, no diversification and no investment in education have put us at the bottom of the list of states that will recover from this depressing recession.

I disagree. What we have seen is that wasteful and reckless spending doesn't work. We have seen that raising taxes don't work. What we need is to return to the Nevada that 'used to be'.

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