Monday, May 31, 2010

More on Business

In a letter to the editor in the RJ, the writer asks,
Well, friend, trust me. It is not time, but policy that is prohibiting economic growth. If you own or run a business, you understand. If you don't, pretend you did and ask yourself this: Is this the time to hire? Will my profits expand in the near future? Won't it cost me more money in taxes and insurance due to the new health bill?

An expanding government has a direct link to a shrinking economy. Only our great private capitalist system with limited regulation can get us on the road to recovery.

Small business is already having problems just surviving. They are having sales and trying to promote their business, but it is too expensive to advertise so the public doesn't know about their sales and promotions.

That is why I initiated the Businesses and Neighborhoods Unite program. Candidates can help small businesses as they campaign, businesses can advertise for free on the coupon site, and the neighborhood people can save money by using the coupons. In this way, we can help to stimulate the economy.

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