Monday, May 31, 2010

Test time-Eight tries at graduation exam?

This article in the RJ about our education system is sad. How can we call it an education system when it doesn't educate.

The article states,
Cutting through the politically correct code talk, some of those failing the tests don't speak enough English to read the instructions, and an actual majority may have learning or behavioral disorders. With these populations now taking the test for the sixth or seventh time, "You're going to see a low pass rate," explains Mr. King.

School Board President Terri Janison recently attended a pep talk for May test-takers who were given incentives such as free movie tickets and restaurant coupons to encourage them to do well on the test. She encouraged the kids, but told them, "At some point, you have to do it for yourself."

Ms. Janison believes the district already offers students an "inordinate amount of help."

That's an understatement. Kids who meet even modest attendance requirements should be able to ace these tests. A second try may make sense, in case a test session caught a kid who'd missed a night's sleep or for some reason failed to take the exercise seriously.

But six tries? Seven or eight? Over a two-year period?

I don't know what you call this, but it isn't teaching. We have to fail children who don't pass. We have to hold them accountable.

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